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About Mint NY

Mint Garden City is one of the best restaurants in Garden City, offering a fresh taste in Indo-Asian cuisine. With a great culinary team and an incredibly versatile menu, Mint Garden City is one of the most popular and highly regarded restaurants in Long Island, and the greater New York Area. Mint is a labor of love for the owners and team of professional chefs who take great pride in bringing the best possible dining experience in an atmosphere that is both tranquil and exhilarating.

Indo-Asian Dining

Our highly regarded team of chefs have combined decades of culinary experience. Our goal is to create and celebrate food from around the world through the use of our hand-picked selections on our menu. To achieve this goal, we have gathered culinary talent from all over to deliver you with the best food we can possibly offer due to our highly experienced chefs. Just as American cuisine has progressed over the years, it is our hope that Mint will help to progress dynamic culinary ideas in Indo-Asian dining. Our team puts together selections from not only Indian, but Chinese, Thai and more cuisines, to offer our guests a unique experience they cannot find anywhere else. Our extensive a-la-carte menu caters to all types of tastes ranging from vegetarian to special, healthy diets. Come to Mint and experience our one-of-a-kind menu for yourself today.

Refreshing Aroma

Mint is defined as an aromatic refreshing herb that serves as a central ingredient in special sauces in Indo-Asian cuisine. That can also be said of the restaurant that is its namesake. Mint strives to be a refreshing choice for those who seek the best possible Indo-Asian cuisine around.